FEMMO - The FinTelegram-EFRI modern Mafia combat organization

Combating online bulling, extortion and blackmail.

Protecting and bringing together the victims of Werner Bohm, Elfride Sixt and Ilan Tzorya.

The Value of

Our company

The FEMMO organization is a group of lawyers from around the world, former and current victims, fighting and protecting public interest of hundreds of thousands of victims of the modern mafia group Fintelegram-EFRI and its heads Werner Bohm, Elfride Sixt and Ilan Tzorya.

The Value of Our Services

Our service is to shed light on the dark, all victims, helpless desperate people who have no idea how to protect them self and their dear loved ones, how to protect and save their hard-working money. Now its your time to get your justice, fill a complaint, our team will direct it and put it in the correct authority. #CBB – Criminals behind bars, the initiative of FEMMO is doing great progress! JOIN NOW!

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What We Do

FEMMO gathers all the complaints we receive on daily basis (!), process them with our law departments according to the victim jurisdiction and place of damage, prepare the official complaint, file it to the corresponding police department and prosecution office. We make weekly follow ups and the cases, making sure to provide any additional evidence needed, and bring the case to the court of justice.